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Digital smart watches technology

The technology used for the Htc smart watch has been described in detail. The technology and features will be in general similar for other smart watches, except the operating system. The apple smart watch will use apple's proprietary operating system, while other smart watches will use Android os similar to the trend observed for smartphones. Chipset used in each smartwatch will also be different

The htc smart watch is designed for operation in extremely adverse weather, traffic and environmental conditions, conforming to IP57 and is both dust proof and water proof. Unlike most of the smart watches available in the market, the htc smart watch has HTC's own RTOS or operating system which is compatible with the two different operating systems which are most popular in the market, Apple's ios 7.0+ and Android kitkat 4.4. The silicon technologies STM32L151 chipset is used in the htc smart watch and incorporates bluetooth for data transfer and GPS for accurate position location.

The htc smart watch has a battery which can last for up to three days depending on the usage of the watch. The battery can be charged using a USB port or POGO pin. Like most high end watches, the htc smart watch has the alarm function to specify a particular time, especially for getting up in the morning, a stopwatch to measure the time taken for different activities in sports, and a timer which can have multiple applications especially for cooking food. Music can be played on the smart phone, which also has a camera for taking photos whenever required for use later. Weather apps are also incorporated in the htc smart watch.