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Though many men and women would like to purchase digital watches, other than smart watches and expensive solar watches, there are few branded quality digital watches available. At the entry level, for children and students there are a large number of low cost digital watches. However the sellers of these digital watches, which usually have a plastic strap do not offer any warranty, it is extremely difficult to get after sales support for the watches. If the watch will malfunction, it will have to be discarded as junk or keep it as a collectible to be shown to young people after a few decades.

Casio is only major brand with digital watches for women, when research was done offline sometime ago in 2013, however the watches are expensive and the time is not very accurate. While most analog watches are fairly accurate, the casio digital watch for women was going fast, and now it will indicate a time nearly 5 minutes ahead of the right time. However it has many features, for example it will beep every hour, so a person will get an idea of the time, without checking the watch. Like all digital products, the digital electronics can be hacked remotely using the hidden wifi network of the indian intelligence and security agencies, who are openly abusing their powers

There are some stores selling digital watches online, however the quality cannot be guaranteed. In some cases, a mobile phone, calculator and a spy camera may be incorporated in the digital watch being sold, however getting after sales service for a digital watch remains a problem. The buyer has no choice but to discard the watch as junk if it does not work as expected.