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Digital watches

The features for the yet to be released Htc smart watch has been described in detail. The technology and features will be in general similar for other smart watches, except the operating system, chipset, colour, material and size of the watch. Some of the other smartwatches have a round dial/display

Like most smart watches, the htc smart watch combines a large amount of technology in one compact watch, with a weight of less than 25 g . The flexible led display of the watch is likely to be rectangular of size 3.2 cm X 1.8 cm so that the multiple features of the watch can be easily accessed. The watch will be available in multiple colours like teal/ lime and grey blue/black so that customers can choose the color they prefer. Taking into account the fact that the customers of the watch will be of different sizes, the watch is available in three different sizes, small medium and large.

Like many other smart watches and wearable devices, the htc smart watch also has a number of fitness tracking features for health conscious customers. It allows the user to monitor their sleep and other activities like the distance they have walked during the day while doing their daily activities. For weight loss people are told that they have to walk a specific distance daily and the htc smart watch can accurately track the distance the person has walked during the period. Unlike most fitness trackers, the htc smart watch will be sold with a footpad which will correctly measure the number of steps the wearer of the watch had taken.