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Demand for Digital watches

Though mobile phones will indicate the time fairly accurately, domain investors and Paypal account holders in India cannot switch on their mobile phone, especially when outdoors, because the cruel corrupt NTRO, security agency officials will locate them using the mobile phone location, and target them with invisible directed energy weapons causing great pain, headache, memory loss due to a R&AW/CBI recruitment and impersonation fraud.

So these domain investors and Paypal account holders will need a watch to accurately determine the time and plan their activities. Though most luxury watches available from popular brands like Rolex, Omega, are analog mechanical watches, digital watches are becoming increasingly popular as the cost of electronics has decreased. About three decades ago, digital watches were extremely popular with teenagers as entry level watches, however, the quality of these largely imported watches remained poor, so most older people prefer conventional analog watches.

Though better after sales service is available, many of the analog watches are poorly designed and the dial cannot be easily read to determine the time of the day accurately, with the minutes hand not clearly indicated. In some of the watches, the dial will have only one or two marking for 6 o clock and 12 o clock, the other time has to be estimated. In contrast for a digital watch, the time is displayed clearly in digital format on the display, usually a LCD or LED display. Today most reputed watch showrooms will have very few models of digital watches for women. There are many unbranded digital watches available with no warranty and after sales service.

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