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Digital smartwatches

There are a large number of lesser known brands which are making and selling smart watches online and offline at a relatively low cost compared to the more popular brands of electronics manufacturers. The features for most of the branded watches are similar, though there may be some variations. Some of the branded smart watches which are available in the market are
Samsung Gear S2 with a rotating bezel, a turn of the bezel will alow the user to move between songs, emails, weather, calendar. Includes a personal fitness trainer which allows the user to measure calorie intake for different types of food including indian food, calorie consumption, keeping track of the heart rate and other health related features. Available in a number of different dials and straps for formal office use, while playing sports and other applications, Android OS . However the watch has an analog dial for the time.
HTC smart watch expected to be available in April 2016 - described in detail in the remaining pages
A major advantage of purchasing a branded digital watch will be the after sales service, and service network which most major electronics brands have all over the country. For lower cost digital watches, it will be difficult to get spare parts or a replacement in case of failure

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